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Review + Swatches: Gerard Cosmetics Lip Glosses (All 24 shades)

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Hi Dolls!

Today I’ll be reviewing 24 shades of the Gerard Cosmetics Lightened Lip Glosses for you all – that’s every single shade they make! The products were sent to me by the company for promotional purposes but all opinions are 100% my own! (:

The glosses comes in a square glass tube with a shiny gold lid, a mirror on one side (super handy for re-application) and a gold sticker on the bottom with the shade name on it. Inside the lid is 2 tiny lamps that illuminate whatever the applicator is pointing at, meaning you can apply this in the dark if needed! They feel sturdy, doesn’t break if you drop them – yes, I’ve managed to drop quite a few of them on the floor already, lol! They look super glamorous, expensive and gorgeous inside my acrylic muji drawers – which is perfect for me as packaging and pretty products are my weakness, haha!

All shades are extremely pigmented and can easily be worn with no lip liner or lipstick underneath which is a huge plus in my opinion. The texture of them are super creamy with a hint of stickiness that helps the gloss adhere better to the lips and boost the longevity.

They do tend transfer to drinks, napkins and whatnot like all lip-glosses do, but they are very long lasting and can easily be worn alone for 3 hours with no touch ups needed. If you want them to last for longer then wear a matching lipstick or liner underneath – I wore raspberry sherbet on top of ‘Candy yum yum’ once and only had to touch up once during a whole school day!  They also fade gradually all over so even if you can’t reapply them, you wont be left with that awkward empty space on the inside of the lips – which is great because let’s be honest, that empty inner lip is just not attractive on anyone…

Another plus is the smell! These smell divine, although I’m not quite sure what the smell is. It’s sort of sweet and candy-ish and just super pleasant.


 photo IMG_0091_zpsbc861fa5.jpg
 photo IMG_0087_zps7e163ec0.jpg
 photo IMG_0104_zps53f0592c.jpg

 photo IMG_0127_zps75070917.jpg
 photo IMG_0120_zps03e8c7a4.jpg
 photo IMG_0140_zps9aa9d1e1.jpg

 photo 98e46cdf-843d-44e2-ae44-be40b6b3714e_zps1144cd52.jpg
 photo IMG_0110_zpsa77ed906.jpg
 photo IMG_0115_zpsf2567849.jpg  photo ac09679d-16b4-4dff-9576-bad8a2db3e5c_zpsd0e7fd35.jpg  photo IMG_0407_zpsd4251457.jpg
 photo IMG_0429_zpsd056b980.jpg

All colors together- as you can see there’s no two colors that look the same.
 photo IMG_0476_zps38e3b421.jpg

My favorite colors are definitely; Wild Orchid & Bermuda (I love me some purple), Coral Craze, Fiji, Pink Tiara, Shimmer of hope & Plum Crazy 😀

All in all, I have nothing bad to say about these at all!
10/10 stars – I highly recommend these!

These glosses retails for 24 USD each and can be purchased at www.gerardcosmetics.com / www.whiteninglightening.com.

For 25% off sites wide use the code ‘LIPSTICK’.

Do you have any of these? Which ones do you like the best?

 Love, Laura.

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