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Review: Hair & makeup addiction luxury complete brush set

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Hi Dolls.

Today I’ll be reviewing the Hair & Makeup addiction ‘Luxury complete brush set’. They were kind enough to send me this set a few months ago and I’ve been testing them out every single day since. The set usually comes with 7 face brushes and 7 eye brushes, the angled brow/liner brush were missing from my set though. If that happens to you, just contact them –they have amazing customer service!

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 The face brushes in the set are:

 The Multitasker: A giant fan brush. I use this to warm up my face with bronzer on my forehead, cheeks or chin. It’s also great for dusting off eye shadow fall out.

The blusher: A big blush brush. This may be too big for applying blush to some people, but I personally love it! It really blends the blush in beautifully and make sure there’s no distinctive lines between my contour, highlight and blush.

 The buffer: A flat headed brush. This is hands down THE BEST foundation brush I have ever tried. This made me put down my beauty blenders and I haven’t looked back since. It’s so soft and leaves the skin looking complete airbrushes. Everyone at my makeup school loved when I used this on them too.

 The finisher: A big fluffy round brush: Perfect to apply powder with.

 The classic painter: As the name states this is the classic painter brush used for foundation and concealer. This is great for very creamy and thick foundations that cant be applied with The buffer.

 The chiseler: A small round brush that I perfect for contouring. It gets right into the hollow of the cheekbones and leaves no awkward contour lines.

 The Queen: A small fluffy yet dense brush that blends out concealer beautifully. I love using this under my eyes, around my nose and to blend out liquid highlight and contour.

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 The eye brushes are:

 The blender: This is my favorite crease blender brush. It blend eye shadow perfectly and makes so that your shadow fades into nothing. Great for applying your transition color with.

 The crease blender: A smaller, less fluffy version of The blender. This is perfect for defining the crease or the outer V.

 The detailer: A pointed pencil brush. Great for applying shadow in the innder cornor or on the lower lash line.

 The highlighter: An angled dense brush. I use this to apply my brow bone highlight with.

 The shader: A flat shader brush that is perfect for packing color onto you lid with.

 The groomer: A classic spoolie to brush you lashes or brows with.

I can honestly say that Hair & Makeup addiction has become one of my favorite brush brand. The brushes perform amazingly, and I couldn’t live without my ‘Buffer’, ‘Queen’ or ‘Eye Blender’ brushes!

 These brushes are extremely soft, don’t ever feel harsh on the skin and keeps their shape. I’ve experienced no shedding what so ever, even though they’ve been washed everyday for  8 weeks while in makeup school and I’m not exactly gentle when washing my brushes (-;

 10/10: I highly recommend that you guys check these brushes out!

 Love, Laura.

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