Review + Swatches: Gerard Cosmetics Lip Glosses (All 24 shades)

Review + Swatches: Makeup Revolution ‘Makeup Geek’ palette

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Hi Lovelies!

I’m so excited for today’s review and I cannot wait to tell you all about this fantastic palette!
I was lucky enough to receive this palette for review a few months ago and at first glance I honestly didn’t think much of it. I thought the colors were a bit weirdly matched together and figured the mattes would be chalky since this is from a drugstore brand. And girls – I was so wrong!

The Makeup geek palette contains 36 eye shadows and retails for only 7.99 GBP/13 USD right here.

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 The packing is made of hard plastic, nothing fancy but not as cheap feeling as some drugstore brands. The makeup geek logo on the front is holographic and changes colors and patterns when the light hits it, which I think is super cool! There’s also a giant mirror inside the lid that can stand straight up on its own – if you tilt it, it sadly falls flat like most palette lids do.

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The colors inside ranges from light nudes to bronze browns and gold’s to bright blues, purples, pinks and so on. This palette has every color you could possible need!
Are they pigmented though? Hell yaaassss – you’ll get to see that further down (;

There are three types of shadows in this palette:

1. Mattes: Good pigmentation, sadly a bit chalky but still easy to blend.

2. Shimmers: Great pigmentation and easy to blend.

3. Glitters: These are my FAVES! So creamy and hella pigmented! They have become my new go-to lid and inner corner shades. If you apply these with a wet shader brush or your finger you will get the craziest color pay off ever. No joke – these are insane!

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 photo IMG_9137_zpsc2262352.jpg

I’ve experienced no creasing with these at all, I do however use primers underneath my eye shadows so I can’t tell how they work without it. A good primer is this one – also from MUR.

As you can tell  I totally love this palette and I could not recommend it enough. The price is amazing for the amount of product you get, the shades are gorgeous and the glitter shadows are out of this world!

Rating: 10/10!

Would you give this palette a try?

Love, Laura.

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