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Review + Swatches // Makeup Revolution Atomic Lipstick Collection

 photo IMG_1517_zpsc1f0d11a.jpgHello Lovelies!

 Today’s review will be on some really exciting fall lipsticks called the Atomic Collection from Makeup Revolution.

They kindly sent me these when they came out a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them as I expected!

 You guys probably know by know that Makeup Revolution is one of my favorite brands so I’m super excited to finally be able to review all their stuff for you guys on here!

 The lipsticks retails for 1£ each as all their lipsticks does and comes in a back tube with a lid topped of with the lipstick color which make sit super easy to find the shade your looking for.

The Atomic Collection consists of the following shades:

 photo IMG_1523_zpsed1c7b8f.jpg  photo IMG_1530_zps2e13b410.jpg

Make me tonight – A dark brown

Make me magnificent – A lilac-ish frosted pink

Make it right – A deep frosted purple (Limecrime Poisonberry dupe)

Atomic serpent – A deep forest green (Limecrime Serpentina dupe)

Atomic ruby – A bright red

 These go on very smoothly and the pigmentation is really good as you can tell from the swatches! The colors are definitely for the more daring people, but I LOVE them!

 I’ve always wanted a dark green lipstick so ‘serpent’ is a new favorite of mine from this collection!

The Longevity is great as well. Both serpent and Make it right stayed on for 3 hours with little to no fading before I sadly had to remove them to put on a more everyday color hehe (;
I recommend wearing a matching lip liner underneath these for extra longevity if you’re going somewhere you can’t reapply your lipstick, as these are quite creamy and will rub off after.

The only downside to these is that I find that the lids on ‘Make me tonight’ and ‘Ruby’ falls off if I have these in my purse or makeup bag which could quickly get really messy. I’ve had no problems with any other MUR lipsticks I own though.

Love, Laura.

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