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Top 10 // Pink Lipsticks

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Hi Guys!

As you all probably know by now – I’m a sucker for pink lips! Pale pinks, neon pinks, Barbie pinks.
ANYTHING pink I will buy! 😀

I own way waaaay too many pink lipsticks, so it was so hard for me to pick only 10 to feature today but I managed it!

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From Left to right:

MAC ‘Snob’: A gorgeous muted lilac pink that I’m just obsessed with! This was my first pink MAC lipstick I bought and it’s definitely my most used one.

MAC’ Flat Out Fabulous’: A dark fuchsia pink with a matte finish. This is a gorgeous pink fall color.

MAC ‘Candy Yum Yum’: The classic hyped up neon pink lipstick. Super bright and pigmented with a matte finish.

Cool Cos Creamy Lipstick ‘06’: My most favorite pink lipstick – super creamy and has a gorgeous bright Barbie pink color.

Cool Cos moisturizing lipstick ‘05’: A very pale lilac pink – a bit trashy looking on it’s own to be honest haha – but I love it! Its also amazing mixed with dark purple lipsticks to make them more lavender colored.

Wet n’ Wild ‘Mauve outta here’: A gorgeous dark mauve color. Another fall favorite!

Wet n’ Wild ‘Dollhouse Pink’: A real bright Barbie pink.

Wet n’ Wild ‘Think Pink’: A light pale pink – perfect with heavy eye makeup.

NYX Butter Lipstick ‘Razzle Fiesta’: A creamy dark pink that literally feels like butter on your lips. Perfect for dry winter lips.

Makeup revolution/I HEART MAKEUP Super wow stick ‘Rap-ture’: An ultra matte lip pen. This one is smudge and waterproof too.

 Those were my top 10 pink lipsticks – What’s yours?

Love, Laura.

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