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Favorite Face Brushes

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Hi Loves.

Today I’ll share my absolute favorite face brushes with you all! One of my favorite things to do when it comes to makeup is to create a flawless base and for that you need not just the right products – but also the right tools!

I’ve chosen to show 15 of my most used face brushes – I know 15 is a lot but I couldn’t limit myself to less, I’m a brush addict! 😀

Primer & Foundation:

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Zoeva 125 / Stipling: I love using this brush for my face primer. Its super soft and really helps to buff in the primer and make sure its evenly applied with no missing patches.

 Morphe MB8: This is a round very dense brush that I love using for foundation. This is actually kind of a hard brush, so be careful not to be too harsh when buffing the foundation in.

Makeup Addiction The Buffer: A flat-headed foundation brush that I just love to use for foundation too. Lately I’ve been using the Morphe brush to apply my foundation and then afterwards I go in with this brush to create an airbrushed finish.


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 Makeup Addiction The Queen: I just adore this brush! I love to blend in my concealer with this brush. I usually apply concealer under my eyes in a big triangle, on the bridge of my nose, sides of my nose, on my chin and in between my brows and this brush is perfect to blend those areas as its not too small and not too big. It does get a bit large for the under eye area if you’ve done your eye makeup already so that’s where I use the next brush.

 Zoeva 142 / Concealer Buffer: This is the perfect brush for applying concealer in those hard to reach areas like right underneath the eyes or the inner corners and also around the nostrils.

Setting powder, Blush & Highlighter:

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Makeup Addiction The blusher: I love this brush for applying my blush. It’s quite large but I love how it blends my blush perfectly into my contour, bronzer and highlighter.

 Nicci Welsh Powder/blusher: This brush has the perfect size for applying blush if you want a more controlled application and its also great for applying a light powder under the eyes to really brighten it up. It’s also perfect for dusting a bit of highlighter lightly to the nose or cheekbones for a more natural look.

 Zoeva 105 / Luxe highlight: I apply my highlighter with this brush. Its tapered, really soft yet dense so you can really pick up a ton of product with this brush which I love since I want my highlighter packed on and sparkling like a disco ball 😉

ELF small tapered brush: I use this to set my under eye area with a loose setting powder.

Morphe (no name brush): Sadly there’s no name or number on this brush but it’s a big fluffy duo fiber brush that I use to set my face with using either loose or pressed powder.

Contour & Bronzer:

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 Makeup Addiction The Multitasker: A big fluffy fan brush that makes bronzing easy! I love to apply light layers of bronzer to my forehead, nose and chin using this brush.

Morphe MB30: The perfect brush to get that Kim K contour with. This does give a really defined contour though so be careful with how much product you use with this brush.

 Makeup Addiction The Chiseler: My most used contour brush. This gives a defined yet soft look – perfect for everyday contouring.

 Morphe M436: This small duo fiber brush makes blending cream contour super easy.

Sephora Angled Blush brush 131: I love to apply bronzer on my cheekbones with this brush for a more sun kissed look. It’s also great for blush and contouring so it’s perfect for when you’re traveling and wants to limit your brushes.

Those were my favorite face brushes! Be sure to check out my full review of all my Makeup Addiction brushes right here.


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